Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Halloween in RussianTime flies so fast! It’s already almost the end of October – Halloween time! Smell of cinnamon and freshly-carved pumpkin, orange and black colored funny and scary decorations, dark mysterious shadows behind the window… Well, you get the idea!
I hope you have your costume ready for this Saturday and are ready to party. To get you prepared for the joyful celebration, let’s learn a few Halloween words and phrases in Russian!

Хэллоуин [he-lo-OOEEN] Halloween
Паук [pa-OOK] spider
Паутина [pa-oo-TEE-na] spider web
Метла [meet-LA] broom
Баба Яга [BA-ba yee-GA] Baba Yaga (the character you will often meet in Russian fairy tales)
Ведьма [VYED’-ma] witch
Привидение [pree-vee-DYE-nee-ye] ghost
Дом населённый призраками [DOM na-see-LYOO-niy PREEZ-ra-ka-mee] haunted house
Призрак [PREEZ-rak] ghost, spook
Летучая мышь [lee-TOO-cha-ya MISH] bat
Оборотень [O-ba-ra-tyen’] werewolf
Ворон [VO-ran] raven
Страшный клоун [STRASH-niy KLO-oon] scary clown
Вампир [vam-PEER] vampire
Колдун [kal-DOON] warlock
Демон [DYE-man] demon
Чёрт [CHORT] devil
Скелет [skee-LYET] skeleton

Тыква [TIK-va] pumpkin
Фонарь из тыквы [fa-NAR’ ees TIK-vi] lamp, lantern
Светильник из тыквы [svee-TEEL’-neek ees TIK-vi] lamp, lantern

Украшения [ook-ra-SHYE-nee-ya] decorations
Костюм [kas-TYOOM] costume
Одевать костюм [a-dee-VAT’ kas-TYOOM] to put on a costume, wear a costume
Наряжаться [na-rya-ZHA-tsa] dress up
Вечеринка [vee-chee-REEN-ka] party
Конфета [kan-FYE-ta] candy, sweet

Ребёнок [ree-BYO-nak] child
Дети [DYE-tee] children

Страшный [STRASH-niy] scary
Страшo [STRASH-na] scary
Тёмный [TYOM-niy] dark
Ужасный [oo-ZHAS-niy] horrible, terrible
Злой [ZLOY] angry
Сердитый [seer-DEE-tiy] upset, angry

Пугать [poo-GAT’] scare
Бояться [ba-YA-tsa] be afraid, be scared
Разделывать тыкву [raz-DYE-li-vat’ TI-kvoo] carve pumpkin
Украсить двор, дом [ook-RA-seet’ DVOR, DOM] decorate yard, house (home)

Here is a little infographic with the most popular Halloween words in Russian.

Halloween in Russian

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Have a fun celebration!

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