Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

soccer shoesDo you like sports? Personally, I enjoy exercising. It gives me energy, keeps me healthy, positive and creative. I’ve been doing Pilates for years now, but recently I’ve tried a few new fun things. My new favorite is hiking and the great feeling of admiration of the view from the top. Another my new favorite is a Zumba class. I’ve always loved dancing, and Zumba is a combination of dancing moves and aerobics, and definitely is a great exercise. What about you? Do you enjoy exercising?

If you go to the gym on a regular basis or participate in another type of sport, you will enjoy today’s selection of Russian vocabulary.

So, let’s get started:

Спорт [SPORT] sport
Заниматься спортом [za-nee-MA-tsa SPOR-tam] do sports
Заниматься аэробикой/ йогой [za-nee-MA-tsa a-ee-RO-bee-kay/ YO-gay] do aerobics/ yoga
Ходить в спортзал [ha-DEET’ f spart-ZAL] go to the gym

Ходить в тренажёрный зал [ha-DEET’ f tree-na-ZHYOR-niy ZAL] go to the gym
Заниматься в тренажёрном зале [za-nee-MA-tsa f tree-na-ZHYOR-nam ZA-lye] work out at the gym
Играть в футбол на стадионе [eeg-RAT’ f foot-BOL na sta-dee-O-nye] play football at the stadium
Делать зярядку утром [DYE-lat’ za-RYAT-koo OOT-ram] exercise in the morning

Спортзал [spart-ZAL] gym

A person who exercises on a regular basis is:

Спортсмен [sparts-MYEN] sportsmen

Тренироваться [trye-nee-ra-VA-tsa] train, exercise
Делать упражнения [DYE-lat’ oop-razh-NYE-nee-ya] do the exercises
Бегать [BYE-gat’] run
Прыгать [PRI-gat’] jump

A few useful sportsy adjectives:

Спортивный [spar-TEEV-niy] sporting, sport, athletic
Сильный [SEEL’-niy] strong
Гибкий [GEEP-keey] flexible

Соревнование [sa-reev-na-VA-nee-ye] competition
Соревноваться [sa-reev-na-VA-tsa] compete
Спортивные соревнования [spar-TEEV-ni-ye sa-reev-na-VA-nee-ya] sport competition
Олимпиада [a-leem-pee-A-da] Olympics

And now about the different types of sport:

Виды спорта [VEE-di SPOR-ta] sport types
Футбол [foot-BOL] football, soccer
Хоккей [ha-KYEY] hockey
Волейбол [va-leey-BOL] volleyball
Баскетбол [bas-keet-BOL] basketball
Бейсбол [beeys-BOL] baseball

Теннис or большой теннис [TE-nees or bal’-SHOY TE-nees] tennis
Бадминтон [bad-meen-TON] badminton
Настольный теннис [nas-TOL’-niy TE-nees] table tennis

Плавание [PLA-va-nee-ye] swimming
Катание на лыжах [ka-TA-nee-ye na LI-zhah] skiing
Катание на сноуборде [ka-TA-nee-ye na sna-oo-BOR-dye] snowboarding
Катание на коньках [ka-TA-nee-ye na kan’-KAH] skating
Фигурное катание [fee-GOOR-na-ye ka-TA-nee-ye] figure skating

Гольф [GOL’F] golf
Рeгби [REG-bee] rugby
Крикет [KREE-kyet] cricket
Бокс [BOKS] boxing
Каратэ [ka-ra-TE] karate

Бег [BYEK] running, race
Пешеходный туризм [pee-shee-HOD-niy too-REEZM] hikin

And a few girl’s favorites:

Гимнастика [geem-NAS-tee-ka] gymnastics
Аэробика [a-ee-RO-bee-ka] aerobics
Пилатес [pee-LA-tes] Pilates
Йога [YO-ga] yoga

You can also download this fun infographic below to learn the names of the sports. Feel free to share it!

Sports in Russian


Back to you now. What sports do you like? What kinds of things make you feel good and reenergized?


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