Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Dishes Tableware in RussianLearning and practicing new words for this lesson is going to be really easy! We all are in the kitchen at some point of our day. All you need to do is to print the list of the words in this lesson, go to your kitchen, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and learn these new Russian words right there in the kitchen. Is your cuppa ready? Let’s start!
In the previous lesson you’ve learned the names of kitchen appliances in Russian, and today we will talk about the kitchen tableware, dishes and utencils in Russian. If you’ve missed my previous lesson, don’t worry here it is – Kitchen Appliances in Russian.

Let’s start with some basics:
Посуда [pa-SOO-da] dishes, tableware

And now the tools essential for a good homemade meal:
Кастрюля [kas-TRYOO-lya] pan
Кастрюлька (маленькая) [kas-TRYOOL’-ka] a diminutive for pan, a little pan

Сковорода [ska-va-ra-DA] frying pan
Сковородка [ska-va-ROT-ka] a diminutive for frying pan

Половник [pa-LOV-neek] soup ladle
Шпатель [SHPA-tyel’] spatula
Щипцы [shcheep-TSI] tongs
Скалка [SKAL-ka] rolling-pin
Разделочная доска [raz-DYE-lach-na-ya das-KA] cutting board
Тёрка [TYOR-ka] grater
Дуршлаг [doorsh-LAK] colander
Сито [SEE-ta] sieve, strainer
Венчик [VYEN-cheek] whisker
Измерительная чашка [eez-mee-REE-tyel’-na-ya CHASH-ka] measuring cup
Противень [PRO-tee-vyen’] baking pan
Прихватка [preeh-VAT-ka] oven mitt
Поднос [pad-NOS] tray

Ready for your dinner? Here are dishes and utensils in Russian:

Миска [MEES-ka] bowl
Тарелка [ta-RYEL-ka] plate, dish
Вилка [VEEL-ka] fork
Нож [NOSH] knife
Ложка [LOSH-ka] spoon

These are the types of spoons that might be good to know:

Столовая ложка [sta-LO-va-ya LOSH-ka] table spoon
Чайная ложка [CHAY-na-ya LOSH-ka] tea spoon
Кофейная ложка [ka-FYEY-na-ya LOSH-ka] coffee spoon

For those who love their tea (just like me):

Чайник [CHAY-neek] tea pot
Сахарница [SA-har-nee-tsa] sugar bowl
Блюдце [BLYOO-tse] saucer

Чашка [CHASH-ka] cup
Кружка [KROOSH-ka] mug
Стакан [sta-KAN] glass

And a few more useful Russian words:
Кувшин [KOOF-sheen] jug
Ковш [KOFSH] ladle

Консервный нож [kan-SYERV-niy NOSH] can opener
Штопор [SHTO-par] corkscrew
Лоток для льда [la-TOK dlya L’DA] ice cube trays
Салфетка [sal-FYET-ka] napkin
Термос [TER-mas] thermos

Here is a quick infographic with the most popular words:


kitchenware in Russian infographic

To learn more kitchen-related words and phrases in Russian, check out my article Kitchen Appliancies in Russian, and join Fun Russian Facebook page to learn more new Russian words and phrases.

Talk to you soon!

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