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Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language

Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language | Преподаватель русского языка как иностранногоMaksym A. is a versatile and methodical Russian language teacher with a practical and ‘hands-on’ approach, who perseveres to always achieve the best possible results in his students.

Being a diligent educator, he has taken opportunities to expand his knowledge in Second Language acquisition and other work-related fields. He has been honored to instruct a variety of students from various social backgrounds, knowledge, age and education. Over the years, he has been committed to his students and personal development as a language teacher and counselor.

He has come to believe that:

  • Students should be treasured, respected, nurtured, praised, and encouraged;
  • Every student, regardless of socioeconomic or ethnic background, deserves the same quality instruction and challenging learning experiences;
  • Each student should be challenged to develop critical-thinking skills and become a lifelong learner;
  • Students should be stimulated and motivated so realize their full potential;
  • Modern technology is one of the most useful ways to teach Russian as a Foreign or Second Language.